Part I. General Provisions and Definitions

514A-1 Title
514A-1.5 Applicability of chapter
514A-1.6 Conformance with county land use ordinances
514A-2 Chapter not exclusive
514A-3 Definitions
514A-4 Status of apartments
514A-5 Ownership of apartments
514A-6 Separate taxation
514A-7 Condominium specialist; appointment; duties

Part II. Creation, Alteration, and Termination of Condominiums

514A-11 Recordation and contents of declaration
514A-12 Copy of the floor plans to be filed
514A-13 Common elements
514A-13.5 Remuneration to allow ingress and egress prohibited
514A-13.6 Mailboxes for each dwelling required
514A-14 Parking stalls
514A-14.5 Ownership of parking stalls
514A-15 Common profits and expenses
514A-15.1 Common expenses; prior late charges
514A-15.5 Metering of utilities
514A-16 Liens against apartments; removal from lien; effect
of part payment
514A-17 Contents of deeds or leases of apartments
514A-18 Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting
an apartment at time of first conveyance or lease
514A-19 Merger of increments
514A-20 Condominium property regimes
514A-21 Removal from provisions of this chapter
514A-22 Removal no bar to subsequent resubmission

Part III. Registration and Administration

514A-31 Notification of intention
514A-32 Questionnaire and filing fee
514A-33 Inspection
514A-34 Inspection expenses
514A-35 Waiver of inspection
514A-36 Public reports and registration fees
514A-37 Preliminary public reports
514A-38 Request for effective date or hearing by developer
514A-39 Repealed
514A-39.5 Contingent final public report
514A-40 Final reports
514A-41 Supplementary public report
514A-42 True copies of public report; no misleading information
514A-43 Automatic expiration of public reports; exceptions
514A-44 Deposit of fees
514A-45 Supplemental regulations governing a condominium property regime
514A-46 Investigatory powers
514A-47 Cease and desist orders
514A-48 Power to enjoin
514A-49 Penalties
514A-50 Limitation of action
Part IV. Protection of Purchasers
514A-61 Disclosure requirements
514A-62 Copy of public report to be given to prospective purchaser
514A-63 Recission rights
514A-64 Repealed
514A-64.5 Protection of purchasers' funds
514A-65 Escrow requirement
514A-66 Repealed
514A-67 Financing construction
514A-68 Misleading statements and omissions
514A-69 Remedies; sales voidable when and by whom
514A-70 Warranty against structural and appliance defects;notice of expiration required

Part V. Condominium Management

514A-81 Bylaws
514A-82 Contents of bylaws
514A-82.1 Employees of condominiums; background check
514A-82.15 Mixed use property; representation on the board of directors
514A-82.2 Restatement of declaration and bylaws
514A-82.3 Borrowing of money
514A-82.4 Duty of directors
514A-82.5 Pets in apartments
514A-82.6 Pets, replacement of subsequent to prohibition
514A-83 Purchaser's right to vote
514A-83.1 Board meetings
514A-83.2 Proxies
514A-83.3 Membership list
514A-83.4 Meeting minutes
514A-83.5 Documents of the association of apartment owners
514A-83.6 Associations of apartment owners; budgets and reserves
514A-84 Management and contracts; developer, managing agent, and association of apartment owners
514A-84.5 Availability of project documents
514A-85 Records; examination; disposal
514A-86 Insurance
514A-87 Personal application
514A-88 Compliance with covenants, bylaws, and administrative provisions
514A-89 Certain work prohibited
514A-90 Priority of lien
514A-90.5 Unpaid common expenses; collection from tenants
514A-90.6 Lease rent renegotiation
514A-91 Joint and several liability of grantor and grantee for unpaid common expenses
514A-92 Waiver of use of common elements; abandonment of apartment; conveyance to board of directors
514A-92.1 Designation of additional areas
514A-92.2 Notification of maintenance fee increases
514A-93 Actions
514A-93.5 Disposition of unclaimed possessions
514A-94 Attorneys' fees, delinquent assessments, and expenses of enforcement
514A-95 Managing agents
514A-95.1 Association of apartment owners registration; fidelity bond
514A-96 Board of directors, audits, audited financial statement, transmittal
514A-97 Association of apartment owners funds; handling and disbursement
514A-98 False statement
514A-99 Rules

Part VI. Sales to Owner-Occupants

514A-101 Definitions
514A-102 Announcement or advertisement; publication
514A-103 Designation of residential apartments
514A-104 Apartment selection, requirements
514A-104.5 Affidavit
514A-104.6 Prohibitions
514A-105 Sale of residential apartments; developer requirements
514A-106 Repealed
514A-107 Enforcement
514A-107.5 Penalties
514A-107.6 False statement
514A-108 Inapplicability of part or sections

Part VII. Arbitration; Mediation

514A-121 Arbitration of disputes
514A-121.5 Mediation
514A-122 Determination of unsuitability
514A-123 Determination of insurance coverage
514A-124 Costs, expenses and legal fees
514A-125 Award; confirming award
514A-126 Findings of fact and conclusions of law
514A-127 Trial de novo and appeal
Part VIII. Condominium Management Education Fund
514A-131 Condominium management education fund
514A-132 Payments to the fund
514A-133 Management of fund
514A-134 False statement
514A-135 Rules

§514A-49 Penalties. (a) Any person who violates or fails to comply with section 514A-2, 514A-31 to 514A-49, 514A-61 to 514A-63, 514A-65, 514A-67, 514A-68, 514A-70, 514A-83.5, 514A-84, 514A-85, 514A-95, 514A-95.1, 514A-97, 514A-98, 514A-102 to 514A-106, 514A-132, or 514A-134, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $10,000 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or both. Any person who violates or fails, omits, or neglects to obey, observe, or comply with any rule, order, decision, demand, or requirement of the commission under section 514A-2, 514A-31 to 514A-49, 514A-61 to 514A-63, 514A-65, 514A-67, 514A-68, 514A-70, 514A-83.5, 514A-84, 514A-85, 514A-95, 514A-95.1, 514A-97, 514A-98, 514A-102 to 514A-106, 514A-132, or 514A-134 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $10,000.
(b) Any person who violates any provision of this chapter or the rules of the commission adopted pursuant thereto shall also be subject to a civil penalty not exceeding $10,000 for any violation. Each violation shall constitute a separate offense. [L 1977, c 98, pt of §2; am L 1980, c 189, §3; am L 1984, c 58, §4 and c 213, §5; am L 1985, c 164, §5 and c 212, §8; am L 1989, c 285, §5 and c 297, §7; am L 1990, c 54, §5; am L 1991, c 44, §19; ree L 1992, c 50, §3 and am L 1992, c 173, §6; am L 1996, c 106, §4]

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