Amended August 1, 1996

The rules and regulations of the Royal Kuhio Condominium set forth in this document, hereinafter called "Rules," state clearly the responsibility of the Owners and apartment occupants, hereinafter called "Occupant," and of the Owners' Association. These Rules have taken into consideration the desires of the Owners and Occupants, their families and guests, and shall be enforced by the Board of Directors, hereinafter called the "Board," by the Resident Manager and his or her representatives. The following shall constitute enforceable Rules.

The basic guideline for all Rules simply is common sense and consideration for the rights and feelings of others so that the general atmosphere is friendly. Tolerance and respect for the rights of others is essential to harmonious life in our dense, urban community.

These Rules are subject to the Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime of Royal Kuhio.

1.         Reporting Violations and Damages

A.        Violations of the Rules and damages to the common elements or common area

shall be reported promptly to the board, the Managing Agent or the Resident


B.         Damages to common elements or common area shall be surveyed by the Board,

the Managing Agent or the Resident Manager at the direction of the Board; and

the cost of repair or replacement and any legal fees incurred may be assessed by

the Board against the responsible Owner's maintenance‑fee account.

2.          Nuisance

A.        The Occupant of an apartment shall not make, or permit to be made, any noise on

the premises by himself or his family, his invitees or licensees which will annoy

or interfere with the rights, comforts and convenience of neighbors. Particular

attention must be paid to maintaining a minimum of noise between 10:00 p.m.

and 8:00 a.m., Sundays through Thursdays, and between midnight and 8:00 a.m.,

Fridays and Saturdays. Without limitation, this applies to social gatherings,

television sets, radios, hi‑fi and musical instruments.

‑ 1‑

B.         Outdoor cooking is not permitted on lanais under any circumstances. Outdoor

cooking shall be permitted only in the areas on the 7th floor designated by the

Board for outdoor cooking. Fires other than for outdoor cooking are no permitted.

C.        Occupants are prohibited from feeding birds from window ledges, lanais or any

other areas of the Royal Kuhio.

3.         Parking and Parking Stalls

A.        Cars parked without permission in someone else's stall or in the common

elements or common areas will be summarily removed at the vehicle owner's

expense; the owner thereof may be charged with trespassing. Occupants shall

park their vehicles, boats and trailers within the confines of the parking spaces

appurtenant to their apartment; nothing shall protrude beyond the spaces nor block

sidewalks, ramps and driveways.

B.         A vehicle shall not be washed inside the parking structure. Washing is permitted

only when the vehicle is parked on the car‑wash pad adjacent to the Seaside

Avenue entrance and is done in a fashion not contrary to federal, state or county

regulations. No mechanical repairs or maintenance shall be performed on a

vehicle on the common elements or common area or in a stall, except emergency

repairs to start the vehicle or to change a flat tire. Owners of parking stalls are

responsible for cleaning grease and oil stains on the floor of their stalls. After

proper warning, if the stalls are not cleaned and management determines that the

oil and grease are a nuisance and/or hazard to other tenants or the building, the

stains will be removed by maintenance personnel and the Owner will be charged a

minimum of $50.00 for the cleaning service.

C.        All vehicles using their respective assigned stalls must maintain current vehicle

license and carry at least the minimum no‑fault insurance coverage at all times.

D.        Except in emergencies, excessive noise or horn blowing are not permitted.

E.         Speeds in excess of 5 m.p.h. are not permitted. Anyone witnessing such a

violation should record the license numbers of offenders and report the same to

the Resident Manager or Security Office.


4.         Occupancy

A.         Royal Kuhio shall be operated as a residential project.

B.         All Occupants of the building and users of the building's parking stalls must

register with the Resident Manager's Office or the Security Office. Unregistered,

and therefore unidentified, persons claiming to be locked out of the building will

not be admitted by the security guard on duty or the Resident Manager.

C.        All Occupants desiring to move furniture and/or personal belongings, other than

in suitcases or boxes, in or out of the building must advise the Resident Manager

at least 48 hours in advance. This will permit the hanging of elevator pads to

protect the elevator cab. Move in/out hours shall be between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00

p.m., Monday through Friday only.

D.        None of the provisions of the project documents are intended to be in

contravention of the State or Federal Fair Housing Act. The Board will at times

comply with the provisions of the Fair Housing Acts when acting upon requests

by handicapped persons to make reasonable modifications, at their cost, to

apartments and/or to the common elements of the project if the proposed

modifications are necessary for their full enjoyment of the project. The Board

will also comply with the provisions of the Fair Housing Acts when acting upon

requests by handicapped persons for exemptions from any of the provisions of the

project documents which would interfere with said handicapped persons' equal

opportunity to use and/or enjoyment of their apartments and/or the common

elements of the project.

5.         Pets

            A.        A maximum of one dog or one cat may be kept and maintained within an

                        apartment without the prior consent of the Board. Other pets are allowed only

                        upon prior written approval of the Board.

            B.         The Board, upon receipt of a signed complaint from Occupants of three

                        apartments concerning a pet or upon its own initiative, may decide that a pet is a

                        nuisance and direct in writing the occupant of the apartment to remove the pet

                        from the premises of the project. Such pet must be permanently removed from

                        the project by the Occupant within two weeks of receipt of such written direction

                        from the Board.


C.        A pet must be carried through any areas of the project outside the Owner's

apartment for the safety of other Occupants. A pet's owner must immediately

clean up any mess caused by a pet outside of the apartment.

D.        All pets must be registered by their owners with the Resident Manager upon the

date of occupancy.

E.         Notwithstanding any other provision herein, visually impaired persons may keep

certified seeing‑eye dogs, hearing impaired persons may keep certified signal

dogs and physically impaired persons may keep certified service dogs in their

apartments and may utilize such dogs on the common areas as necessary to full

enjoyment of the property.

6.          Rubbish

A.        Garbage, rubbish and other trash shall be disposed of only down the trash chute

located in the trash room on each floor. Trash containing food shall be securely

wrapped before being placed in the trash chute.

B.         Bulky items such as furniture, air conditioners, appliances and carpeting must be

disposed of in the area provided in the basement (Kuhio Ave./Royal Hawaiian

Ave. corner). Any damage caused by large items left in the rubbish area or put

into the rubbish chute will be billed to the owner of the item; this includes

removal and repair.

7.          Hazards,

A.        The parking areas or other common elements, except for the 7th floor, shall not be

used for any recreational activities of any kind.

B.         Unless the Board gives advance written consent in each and every instance,

Occupants shall not use any illumination other than an electric light or a small

number of candles in safe glass receptacles or use or permit to be brought into the

building any flammable oils or fluids such as gasoline, lamp oils, kerosene,

naphtha or benzine, or other articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property.

Battery‑powered lights are the preferred type of temporary lights.

C.        No activity shall be engaged in nor any substance introduced into or manufactured

within the building with might result in violation of the law or in the cancellation

of the insurance or increase the insurance rate on the building.



8.         Project Appearance

A.         An unsightly appearance is not permitted anywhere at the Royal Kuhio.

Unsightliness includes but is not limited to the following items when visible from

outside the apartment: laundry; litter; trash containers except as specially

provided; inappropriate, broken, scarred or offensively ugly furniture or plants on

lanais; non‑decorative gear, equipment, cans, bottles, ladders, trash boxes„

barrels, etc., stored or stowed in or on lanais, walks, etc.; unshaded or improperly

shaded lights that create objectionable glare; and so forth.

B.         No garbage cans, household supplies, excess items or similar articles shall be

placed outside the apartment or in a place where they can be seen from outside the

apartment, except as the Board shall prescribe. Nor shall anything be thrown or

emptied by the Owners or their tenants, guests, or employees out of the doors,

windows, down the stairways or off lanais.

C.        No personal property of any kind shall be left unattended on any common

element. Articles of any kind left in any common area will be removed at the

owner's risk and expense.

D.        Bicycles shall not be transported on any elevator. Designated storage areas for

bicycles are provided in the basement and on the first floor.

E.         Only furniture and potted plants appropriate to lanais of apartments may be used

thereon. Screens and other articles which in the opinion of the Board are

unsightly or inappropriate shall be removed upon written request of the Board.

F.         The Board may change and/or modify rules and regulations concerning use of the

elevators and the recreation facilities on the 7th floor as it deems necessary. The

Board will inform the Owners and Occupants of these rules and regulations in a

reasonable manner.

9.         Project Maintenance

A.         The employees will make every effort to police the common elements effectively.

  Nonetheless, these employees are not available on a 24‑hour daily basis.

Accordingly and in the common interest, every Occupant is to do his or her part

and to use personal influence on all household members to do their part in

keeping the premises as neat, clean and tidy to the fullest practicable extent.


B.         Maintenance employees of the Association are under the sole direction of the

Resident Manager, and during the prescribed hours of work they shall in no case

be diverted for private purposes of employment by any Owner, Occupant or guest.

Owners or Occupants are not allowed to ask any employee to leave the common elements for any reason whatsoever.

Cleaning of residential apartments, including lanais and all windows, is the responsibility of the respective apartment Owner and/or Occupants.

10.       Building Additions

A.        No awnings, air‑conditioning units or other projections shall be attached to the

outside walls of the building or the exterior of any door or on the apartment lanais

without the prior written consent of the Board and of other Owners as may be

required by the governing documents and/or Chapter 514A, Hawaii Revised


B.        No radio, television or other antenna will be erected or installed on or anywhere

within the project without prior written authorization from the Board of Directors.

C.        No alteration or addition to an apartment which is visible from the exterior of the

apartment, nor any alteration or addition to the common elements, may be made

without the prior written consent of the Board and of other Apartment Owners as

may be required by the governing documents and/or Chapter 514A, Hawaii

Revised Statutes.

11.       Common Passageways

A.        The lobby is to be used as the main entrance and to meet and greet people. No

other activity will be permitted, particularly commercial or promotional

endeavors. To prevent dangerous crowding, Owners and Occupants are requested

to keep groups in the lobby as small as possible.

B.         The common passageways must not be obstructed or used for any purpose other

than egress and ingress.

C.        Smoking is permitted only inside apartments and designated areas of the

recreation deck.

D.        Roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding or bicycling are not permitted

anywhere on the premises.


E.         For the security of All Occupants, use your security key to open the door and/or

parking gate only for your party. Request others to use their own key or the


F.         Motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles are to kept in designated areas on the first‑floor

or basement parking areas.

12.       Recreation Area (7th Floor)

A.         Recreation‑area furniture shall not be removed from said area, except by prior

permission of the Resident Manager.

B.         Users of the recreation area are responsible for the removal of all articles brought

thereto by them, including but not limited to towels, books and magazines,

beverage containers and recreation equipment at the time they leave said area.

C.        No running, pushing or scuffling shall be permitted on the recreation area.

D.        No floats, rafts, toys, or other such objects except safety devices shall be

permitted in the swimming pools.

E.         Showers must be taken before entering the swimming pool.

F.         Any person having any skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge,

or any other communicable disease is not permitted to enter the swimming pool.

G.        All bobby pins, hairpins and other such material shall be removed before entering

the pool.

H.        No guest may use the recreation area unless accompanied by his or her host


I.          Glass containers of any kind are prohibited on the recreation deck.

J.          The recreation deck hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The swimming pool

hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

K.        Anyone using recreation equipment will be responsible for loss or breakage of

said equipment. A replacement cost list is posted inside the Security Office.


13.       Storage

A.         Storage for each apartment Owner is provided in the storage room located on each

floor. Stored items are to be placed inside the storage locker; light articles only

may be stored above each locker in a manner that does not constitute a hazard to

others and does not encroach upon another Owner's space.

B.         Owners of entire floors may use the electric room on that floor for storage, so long

as all belongings are kept within the designated areas.

C.         Owners of entire floors may not change the locks on the electric room without

prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

14.       Air Conditioners

A.        The upkeep and appearance of air conditioners is the Owner's responsibility.

B.         Air conditioners shall not be allowed to leak onto the surface of the lanai. Drain

lines shall not be allowed to discharge water in such a way that water drips or

flows on the exterior of the building or onto the recreation deck.

C.        Condensation‑collection pans or buckets must be emptied into a drain within the

apartment. Condensation collection containers shall not be emptied onto the

surface of the lanai or emptied over the lanai onto the recreation deck.

15.        Banquet Room

The Banquet Room is available on a first‑come, first‑served basis to all Owners or their authorized agents. Please see the Resident manager for the necessary details. All users shall pay a fee set forth on a schedule posted in the Security Office.

16.       Open House

Each Owner, prior to showing his or her unit for sale, shall notify the Resident Manager in writing of the name of the real‑estate company and the name of the sales agent authorized to show the unit. Each prospect must sign his name, address and phone number in the open‑house log in the Security Office prior to entering the elevator lobby.


17.       Other

A.        No outside advertising will be displayed on bulletin boards, with the exception of

emergency services. Owners may use the bulletin board for notices by submitting

same to the Resident manager.

B.         Carpet sweeping and other similar objects must not be disposed of through the

toilets or other plumbing.

C.        Conservation of water and electricity should be practiced by everyone.

D.        The rules for use of the Exercise‑Room equipment are posted in the Exercise


E.         Rules for use of the Laundry Room are posted in the Laundry Room.


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