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Here at the Royal Kuhio, safety is our primary concern.





No matter where you stay-in your own home or in your vacation condo or in a hotel room,--how to exit the building quickly is the first thing you need to know. Do survey your floor. Locate the nearest fire exit and memorize the route to it.

There are two fire exits on each floor at the Royal Kuhio. One takes you to Maunakai Street, mauka of the building. The other ends up in the loading zone of our parking garage.




If a fire breaks out in your unit, the Fire Department recommends you first call 911 and then leave the apartment--or better yet, leave the apartment and then call 911. The firemen would prefer that you look after your own safety and let them fight the fire.

Of course if it is a small one and you really want to stay and use the fire extinguisher, do call 911 so that the fire truck will be on its way. The Waikiki firehouse is at the Diamond Head end of the Ala Wai Canal--just a dozen or so blocks east of us--so the firefighters arrive very quickly.


Be sure to check your smoke detectors regularly. If you rent your unit out and won't be visiting it soon, ask your rental agent to perform this vital task. Actually, it's a good habit to change your batteries annually whether they need it or not. Why not get in the habit of doing it every year in March, when you come for the Annual Meeting?

Also, it's a good idea to replace smoke detectors every five years. Like everything else, they don't last forever!


Finally, a word about elevators--in case of fire, never use an elevator. Never! Go immediately to the nearest fire escape (which of course you're already located) and proceed down ASAP. Most elevators use a heat-detected mechanism to "know" which floor to go to. In case of fire, the firemen override this automatic mechanism. They need to be able to operate the elevator manually to get to a floor to fight the fire. If you push the button and get in, the automatic function could take you directly to the fire floor--exactly where you don't want to be!

Be safe! Enjoy the Royal Kuhio!

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